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All of our clients have unique requirements; so why try and squeeze everyone into a one size fits all implementation program? 

To accommodate these differences, we offer four unique implementation programs, each offering a streamlined implementation program.  Select the type of implementation program based on the level of service, and size of the project, that you require.

Kamikaze: Self-Led implementation program.  We give you written direction, and a small amount of support, you do all the work.

JumpStart: We do most of the heavy lifting, you provide all the direction and requirements.  Straightforward requirements.

Full Monty: We do even more heavy lifting, and we provide additional consulting services to help you define your business processes.  Typically larger projects.

Custom: Entirely custom; we work with you to define all elements of the project as well as your requirements.  Generally much larger and more costly.

Please complete the form on this page if you'd like access to our Implementation Overview Comparison document; you'll be able to read more about the differences between the above mentioned programs. 



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