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Bullit Software Policies

The following details outline the various policies that relate to our Work, Work Product, and the relationship between our two organizations (yours and ours).  These policies should been taken into account along with any statements and terms included in a Scope of Work or Quote you have been issued, an Order you have approved, and the terms set out in our Master Service Agreement.  If you have additional questions, please contact yo ur Bullit Software Point-Of-Contact or submit a Case to support@bullitsoftware.com.



Bullit Software’s Master Service Agreement (MSA) governs the relationship between You and Us surrounding the products and services that you have acquired from us.  The acceptance of any Scope of Work (SOW), Proposal, or the Purchase of any service or application from Bullit requires the acceptance of the MSA. Please review our MSA here.


For our clients with Paid Support Plans:
- we offer email response times of four (4) business hours (between 9am and 3:30pm Eastern Time).  Some of our Paid Support Plans included a dedicated Project Manager that can be contacted by phone, email, or Chatter (through our Customer Community).
This includes implementation and services clients that are mid-project.

For our App or Subscription clients, without Paid Support Plans:
- we offer email response times of eight (8) business hours (between 9am and 3:30pm Eastern Time).  These clients will need to submit a Case from one of our websites or email support@bullitsoftware.com.

For our past clients, those without a paid subscription and without Paid Support Plans:
- we do not guarantee any service level response times for past clients that no-longer hold a subscription, support, or active implementation plan.

In general, a best practice for communication with Bullit is via email or Chatter "@mention" (via our Community).  This is because we can easily track requests, loop in other staff members, and track progress.  Please be advised that Phone messages often take longer to be returned.


We conduct all Work and meetings remotely unless otherwise stated as “ON-SITE” in official communications including Scopes of Work/Quotes, Contracts, Orders, and/or Meeting Invitations.

Clients requiring ON-SITE meetings and work should make this need understood as early as possible so that it can be factored into the Contract, Scope of Work, and Production Schedule.  This also ensures realistic expectations and accurate billing.

Accordingly, we bill for both travel time and travel related expenses.  Travel Time is charged at 50% of billable time (unless previously agreed in writing).  Travel Expenses are billed at cost + 10% and are described in the section titled "Incidentals".  We bill $0.55 (CDN) per kilometre for all car travel not involving a rental car.
Example: If you require a Bullit Software consultant to travel one (1) hour each way to your business for a consultation meeting, you will be billed at half the normal rate for each hour of travel, a per KM fee, and the full rate on the time required to conduct the actual consultation meeting.  This is always the case unless otherwise expressly communicated in writing or email.

In all cases, Bullit Software charges $90/day in "Per Diem", per person, for travel beyond the length of a full business day.  This is in addition to possible incidentals.  Example: a consultant is needed ON-SITE at your location for an entire work-day, where the consultant will not return home before 6pm; the Per Diem fee would be charged.  Such travel related work needs to be quoted individually or provided for in an Individual Scope of Work or Quote as special rates may apply.  Airfare, hotel accommodations, car rentals, fuel, are all covered in the section titled “Incidentals”.

From time to time Bullit Software will be expected or required to make purchases on your behalf.  These purchases may be related to the construction of work (eg. purchases pf Stock Photography, Fonts libraries, Wordpress Code) or may be related to fulfillment of Work (airfare, car rentals, hotel accommodations).  These expenses, incurred by us, are billed back to you at Cost + 10%.  Meaning, if we incur $100 in incidentals on your behalf, you should expect to be invoiced $110 + applicable taxes.



In order to efficiently schedule our work and manage our resources, we require four-six (4-6) calendar days of notice for booking training services.  On rare occasions we can accommodate last minute training; which should not be expected or relied upon.


Our Payment Policy for implementation projects are as follows:

a) projects with a value of less than $4,000 require payment in full at the commencement of the project. The primary reason for requiring payment in full at signing is that smaller and more simple projects are completed very quickly.

b) projects with a value of $4,000 or higher require a 50% deposit at project commencement, 35% invoiced at net 30 from project commencement, with the remaining balance invoiced at net 60 from project commencement.

We are unable to commence any work until either (a) or (b) are satisfied.



We accept the following forms of payment:

  • Visa,
  • Mastercard,
  • Wire Transfer,
  • Email transfer, and
  • PayPal

Unfortunately, we do not accept payment by business check.


Please be advised that additional findings in pre-implementation kick-off calls, questionnaires, or other discoveries can have an impact on the timeline. This timeline is also based on a defined Project Start Date, which implies that You have provided us with all of your initial deliverables in advance of that date. Project Start Dates cannot be confirmed until customer lists and other data,
responses to the Kick-Off Questionnaire, direction for You, and even payment in some cases, has been received. This is only a suggested timeline, please feel free to request adjustments.
It should be known that the cost and timeline communicated here is based on the knowledge and details expressed in this Scope of Work. Additional details not known at this time, and possible future delays in delivering “submissions”, may have an impact on the cost of implementation as well as the timeline for completion. This Scope of Work document represents the totality of our knowledge related to this proposed project and what work we are committing to conduct. Any details not included in this document should be considered as excluded from this proposed project.  We are unable to commit to project requirements that are either a) unknown to Bullit or b) not included in this document. It’s incumbent upon you to read this document in detail and advise Bullit if there are requirements that have not been addressed.


Implementation Services vs. Support Services
Implementation Services are the Project related work, as defined in the Scope of Work (in advance of project commencement), that takes your solution from “out-of-the-box” to “tailor made” for your business. This typically includes Configuration, Customization, Data Loading, App installation, and Report and Dashboard build-out. The management of the implementation work is also considered an implementation service.  Support Services are typically ad hoc requirements that sometimes arise during an Implementation Project, but most commonly arise after the completion of an Implementation Project; throughout the lifetime that the solution/app is being used. Support services are typically not planned and often are considered to be “troubleshooting” in nature. Adjustments, tweaks, changes, additional training, are all ways in which Support Services may be leveraged. Bullit Software offers a variety of Paid/Premium Support Plans as a means to work within defined budgets while providing access to timely support as needed. If you have a recurring (subscription model) Paid Bullit App, you qualify for basic ongoing Support related to that subscription; the details of
which are described in your Order and SOW for that app. If you have hired Bullit to implement a product other than our own, then you require a Paid/Premium Support Plan, at the completion of the Project, in order to qualify for Support Services. In the event that you do not wish to purchase Support Services from Bullit, you may elect to acquire them from salesforce.com as they provide
additional solutions to support their products. It should not be expected that Bullit Software will continue to provide Support Services at no additional cost once your Implementation Project is complete.

Communication Plan and Transparency

At the commencement of the Project, we will define a communication plan that is suitable to you. This plan typically includes
regularly scheduled “update calls” that ensure all parties are “in the know” and up-to-date on the Project’s progression. In the
interim, ongoing communication will be conducted as needed via phone, email, and Chatter (direct messaging within the


Salesforce products and limitations

It’s incumbent upon you to decide if salesforce.com’s platform, products, and solutions meet your needs. Your acceptance of this Scope of Work affirms that You have accepted these products and solutions, namely their structure and limitations, as being suitable for You. You not knowing the limitations of these products, cannot be deemed the fault of Bullit Software unless through error in the outcome of a Paid Scoping/Consulting engagement that led you to acquire the licenses in question.

New requests

If a new request arises throughout the project, that is not accounted for in this Scope of Work, it will require the use of Support Hours to implement. If accepted as a “Change Order”, the time required to implement can be deducted from Support Hours already acquired by you or will require you to purchase additional Support Hours in order for us to conduct this work. Bullit Software does not commit to accepting Change Requests until it can evaluate the nature of a potential request. Critically important is your understanding and acceptance of the fact that we cannot be held responsible for system/software limitations that were not known at the issuing of this Scope of Work.

Custom System Integrations and Custom Software Development

We are unable to provide guarantees on the cost or amount of time it will take to implement Custom System Integrations (eg.Salesforce integration with your company’s home grown ERP) or Custom Software builds. In these cases, we always require

1) a “System Requirements Document” and

2) a schema to be furnished by the Client before we can provide an Estimate on the work.  Even then, we will not engage in “Fixed Fee” and “Guaranteed Timeline” style projects that require this type of work.

In some cases, if the “System Requirements Document” is insufficient, we may ask the Client to include additional or lacking requirements and specifications that we feel are necessary. In the event that the Client is unwilling, or unable, to prepare a “System Requirements Document”, we are able to help define the Potential Project through the Client’s purchase of a paid scoping/consulting engagement.

App, Connector, Appexchange Solutions

There are thousands of “Apps” available for installation into the various salesforce.com platforms (our apps being some of them).
Accordingly, it’s important that You understand Bullit Software is not an expert in all available Apps. Each App is developed by someone or some firm. Accordingly, we recommend that the App Developer be leveraged for demonstration and feature analysis, installation help, ongoing support/troubleshooting, and for App specific training resources. Many of these Developers provide
these services at no charge in the event that you’re paying a subscription fee for their app.  In the event that you are leveraging Bullit Software to help you implement an App, whether it’s through the use of available Support Hours or through expressly itemized time for App Installation/Configuration, we reserve the right to advise if additional Support Time is required to complete the implementation as required. Example: some “Power Dialer” (outbound phone call automation) include Implementation Guides that are over 200 pages in length.


Add-ons and expectations
It’s not uncommon for a Client to request an “add-on”, effectively the purchase of additional services, at some point before, during, or after the Implementation Project. It should be expected by you that the addition of more, or different, services will have an impact on both the cost of the project and the timeline associated with completing the project. We will advise the possible impact on both cost and time if “add-ons” are brought to our attention.

Complaint Process
It’s rare, but there may come a time where you would like to escalate a concern or problem that you are experiencing related to this Project. The best way to obtain immediate action is to schedule a call with Brian Costello, President of Bullit Software, by sending him an email request: bcostello@bullitsoftware.com.  Please use this as only after attempting to resolve the problem with your Bullit Point-of-Contact and/or Project Manager.

Operating Hours and Location
Bullit Software conducts all work remotely unless otherwise specified in a Scope of Work or Order form. In the event that on-site work is required, Bullit will require the billing of travel time, accommodation, travel expenses, and possibly Per Diem given the amount of time “away from office”. All Customer Service, Training, Support, and Meeting times will commence and conclude
between the following times on Business Days:

Monday 9:00am - 4:00pm Eastern
Tuesday 9:00am - 4:00pm Eastern
Wednesday 9:00am - 4:00pm Eastern
Thursday 9:00am - 4:00pm Eastern
Friday 9:00am - 3:00pm Eastern
Saturday Closed
Sunday Closed

Meetings and communications can be accommodated outside of these times on special circumstances, but should not be expected as being committed to by Bullit Software in general. Training sessions, “Status Update” calls, and scheduled Consulting meetings require at minimum 48 hours notice. Emergency Work can sometimes be accommodated during evenings and weekends, but is charged at 1.5x the rate.  We do not conduct Work on Holidays. 


These policies are subject to change without notice.